Explore the Festival with Our Original Design Umbrellas


Even in September, the sun is still strong during the early autumn. To ensure a comfortable stroll around the Waterfront Subcenter Area, we have prepared rental umbrellas.

Our original design umbrellas are large-sized, providing excellent sun protection and making your festival exploration more enjoyable. They will also enhance your experience when enjoying XR works like "Everyday Life" (A-1) and "CIRCULATION BALL -Connecting Cities, People and the World-" (A-2,A-4,C-1,D-5), making it easier to view your smartphone screen and immerse yourself deeply in the world of the artworks. Please feel free to use them according to the weather on the day of your visit.

■Distribution Locations: Stone and Light Square Information(A), Dream Plaza Information(D)

■Rental and Return Hours: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
*You can return the umbrella borrowed at Stone and Light Square to Dream Plaza or vice versa.
*Please note that there are limited quantities available, and we appreciate your understanding if we are unable to provide umbrellas at times.