Everyday Life NAGABA YU

09.15 FRI-09.24 SUN
flower Plaza in Symbol Promenade Park

Sometimes when I'm walking through the streets, I find myself inexplicably drawn to certain individuals I happen to glimpse. I wonder about the circumstances that led them to that particular spot, their choice of attire, and the expressions they wear. As these are fleeting moments, I remain unaware of anything beyond what I see.

By capturing their essence in my drawings, I aim to bring them into my own world, where they become residents of my imagination. In this realm of mine, they lead lives as well – experiencing sunny days and gloomy ones, navigating through varying moods, and encountering daily events that bring both highs and lows.

I would be delighted if people could enjoy this world I create, brought to them through virtual reality, allowing them to immerse themselves and find joy in the diverse experiences it offers.

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