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A Flower Plaza/Stone and Light Square
in Symbol Promenade Park




Born in Tokyo in 1976, Yu Nagaba graduated from an art university in Tokyo and then worked for an apparel company before transitioning to freelance work and fully embarking on his career as an artist. In 2014, he presented works that showcased his current style, consisting solely of black and white lines. His work gained recognition when he was featured on the cover of the magazine “POPEYE,” leading to his artistic style becoming known to the world. He has collaborated with renowned domestic and international brands and continue to garner attention through solo exhibitions held both domestically and in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Yoshidayamar 吉田山


Art amplifier, Curator Hailing from Toyama Prefecture and raised in the Alps, YOSHIDAYAMAR’s neighborhood fieldwork–based output encompasses launching art spaces, producing artworks, curating, directing, and consulting for exhibitions, and writing. His recent major projects include installments (mail art, unknown locations, 2020), Art Competitions and Opening Ceremony (FLESH, Tokyo, 2020), Outcast (3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, 2021), The eyes of the wind (Tbilisi, Georgia; obscura, Tokyo, 2022), and MALOU A-F (Block House, Tokyo, 2022).




An architecture collective “GROUP” formed by Gaku Inoue, Takahiro Omura, Naoki Saito, Kumiko Natsumeda and A. Their main activities include design and construction of “Garden Beside WHITEHOUSE” (Tokyo, 2021), design and operation of “Ebina Art Freeway” (Kanagawa, 2021), planning and editing of “Notes Vol.1 Garden” (NOTESEDITION, 2021), group exhibition “Repair of a Bathroom” (PROJECT ATAMI, 2022), solo exhibition “Repair” (WHITEHOUSE, 2021), and venue construction for EASTEAST_TOKYO (2023).

Okutama Art Institute

The Institute of Art, Okutama 奥多摩美術研究所


In 2018, we created a company called The Institute of Art, Okutama, in order to explore how "art" can be related to society. The company's seven business activities are: (1) Research and presentation of art, (2) Planning and management of exhibitions, (3) Support for introducing artists, (4) Presentation and sales of artworks, (5) Planning and sales of products, (6) Graphic documentation of objects, and (7) Creation of exhibits and modeling objects. Gathering friends according to the content and scale of the project and making it a reality. Most of those friends are working as artisans respectively. We would like to make "art" more interesting by bringing together everyone's abilities.

石毛 健太



Artist, exhibition maker, and many other side jobs. Recent major solo exhibitions include “aeon” (BIYONG POINT, 2020) and projects include “SCAN THE WORLD”, Installments and Urban Research Group. His major curatorial projects include “And yet we continue to breathe.” (ANB Tokyo, 2020). His major projects include “working/editing” (Akibatamabi, 2021).

藤倉 麻子



Asako Fujikura was born in Saitama, Japan in 1992. Accentuating images with artificial textures and tactile sensations, Fujikura assembles scenes that can free us from the continuation of time and sprawl in the modern city. Interweaving 3D CG animation techniques and computer programming, Fujikura generates movement that surpasses even the creator’s intentions and devises a fabricated realization which can be perceived only through a screen. In recent years, her work has centered on the dynamism of daily logistics in reclaimed lands and the emergence of gardens in the city, as she develops new spatial expressions.

細井 美裕



Born in 1993, sound artist Miyu Hosoi creates sound installations using multi-channel sound systems, outdoor installations, performing arts productions, and works featuring multiple recordings of her own voice. Her works have been presented at Haneda Airport, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Concert Hall, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation [Miraikan], Japan Broadcasting Corporation[NHK], Audio Engineering Society[AES], NTT InterCommunication Center[ICC] Anechoic Room, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM], Aichi Arts Center, and more.

渡辺 志桜里



Shiori Watanabe (b.1984-) is a contemporary artist based in Tokyo. Her signature installation work "Sunroom" was made in 2017 to maintains the life of organisms that could continue even after the human extinction. In its making, she collected plants, fish, bacteria, etcetera from the Tokyo Imperial Palace, which used to be a playground in her childhood, and brought them back to her studio. She then separated them into different tanks, connecting them together by water circulation tubes. "Sunroom” thereby functions as an automatic ecosystem, and has been updated since 2017 onward. Some of her major solo exhibitions include "Kujira" (Decameron Kabukicho, 2022), "Nipponia nippon" (SYP Gallery, 2022), and "Bebe" (WHITEHOUSE, 2021).

Takashi Jonishi

Takashi Jonishi 上西 隆史


While studying at the University of Tokyo's graduate school, Takashi Jonishi joined the dance performance group "WORLD ORDER" as a choreographer and performer. Their synchronized dance while wearing suits gained worldwide attention. After becoming independent in 2018, he founded the world's first airdance group called "Air Footworks." His innovative and unique dances that appear as if he's walking in the air have been featured in various media outlets.

TV Asahi facility construction site


Gaako がーこ


Primarily engaged in producing music videos, album covers, and character designs, with a wide range of creative work. Notable works include the music video for DUSTCELL's "Caffeine," Shishishishi's "Balancer," and Rime's "Tick-Tock Boy."

Dream Plaza in Symbol Promenade Park

art to ART Project

art to ART Project art to ART Project


As part of SDGs initiatives, TV Asahi utilizes waste materials from their studio sets for repurposing. Through workshops and spatial design, TV Asahi transform waste into art, offering exciting experiences.

宇都宮 琴音



Born in Tokyo, Japan. Graduated Tama Art University, Textile department.
Immediately after graduation, her works were used in me ISSEY IMAKE's clothing and accessories.
Studied at the Academy of Arts Architecture & Design in Prague, Illustration & Graphic studio from 2018 to 2021.
Her prize-winning work "Momochan to Minaraimajo" (2021 "Miroslav Šašek foundation") was published by Tokyo Bijutsu in February this year.
She is currently based in Tokyo as a picture book artist.


大澤 正彦



Born in 1993. Associate Professor, Department of Information Science , College of Humanities and Sciences , Nihon University / Director , Research Institute for Next Generation Society (RINGS)  Doctor of Engineering.Founder and Fellow of the Whole Brain Architecture Future Leaders. The first year scholar, Masason Foundation.Forbes Japan 30 UNDER 30 2022 Award winner. Author of "Doraemon wo Honkide tsukuru ‐Create Doraemon seriously‐(PHP shinsho)”. His dream is to create Doraemon.

Keio University Graduate School of Media Design “The Embodied Media Project”

Keio University Graduate School of Media Design “The Embodied Media Project” 慶應義塾大学大学院メディアデザイン研究科「身体性メディア」プロジェクト


The Embodied Media Project at Keio University Graduate School of Media Design aims to create future media technologies that record, share, enhance, and even create the kind of experiences that we have through our bodies. Haptics, VR, Telexistence & Enchanted Things — By studying embodied informatics in human interaction, we design embodied experiences that entertain, enchant, and empower us.

Other areas/common


ExMetaClub ExMetaClub


A creative XR lab that emerged in 2022, focusing on experimental artworks and workshops in the field of metaverse and XR. The group consists of CG creators, designers, system engineers, planners, and more, collectively exploring the boundaries of XR creativity.




Graphic designer based in Kyoto. In order to provide and rediscover opportunities and possibilities to change the world, she depicts ideas and means obtained through daily life and communication in the form of symbols and letters. Her graphic expression is characterized by bold color surfaces and the depiction of stripped-down symbolic forms, and through repeated trials of information design and editing, she continues to pursue graceful designs that make people stop thinking.